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Coba Tours

Coba "Murky waters" is an ancient Mayan city on the Yucatán Peninsula, located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. (300-900 A.C) Coba is located around two lagoons, a series of elevated stone and plaster roads radiate from the central site  to various smaller sites near and far, this roads are call Sacbeob "white roads" one of them is 100 km (62 mi) long making it the longest road ever built by the Mayans.

The site contains a group of large temple pyramids known as the Witz "the sacred mountain"  In Coba you can climb one of these pyramids, being the largest one in Quintana Roo 42 metres (138 ft) in height.

There are many reasons to visit this beautiful place, one of my favorites is to be able to visit the whole site by bicycle or by Mayan taxi, being a fun and unique experience surrounded by a beautiful jungle in the heart of the yucatan peninsula.

You can enjoy this wonderful place on one of our Coba tours, with a certified guide, private transportation, visit a real mayan community and be part of a mayan ceremony, try delicious Yucatecan food and have the opportunity to swim in a refreshing cenote.

Coba Tour

Coba Mayan Adveture

Climb the tallest pyramid in the heart of the Yucatan jungle, visit an authentic mayan village where you can swim in an sacred cenote, and try the delicious mayan food, live a true local experience.

Coba Tour

Coba Monkey Sanctuary

A tour for nature lovers, explore a mayan jungle surrounded by monkeys in their natural habitat do an amazing zipline and swim in a fresh water cenote. Live a jungle adventure!

Coba and Tulum tour

Coba & Tulum

Discover two of the most astonishing Mayan cities in one day! Swim in fresh water Cenote in a true local mayan village. This is a great cultural and local experience tour.

Coba Tours Reviews

Touring the Yucatán With a Local Guide

By Rick Steves, Ricks Travel Blog

I’m glad we booked two days with Pixan Travel. On our first day we did the obvious sightseeing very smoothly and with no stress. Our second day was more for connecting with the local culture. The Yucatan is so fascinating in so many ways and with an insider’s guidance I know my family I I got the most out of our time. Diego was thoughtful, shaped his guiding to our interests, and was also simply a joy to be with. Thanks a lot!

Rick Steves

Touring Tulum-Coba with Pixan Travels and Pablo

By Eileen S- TripAdvisor

With heartfelt enthusiasm, our family of 5 recommends Pablo for his private touring in the Tulum-Coba area. Spending a-10 hour day with Pablo was the absolute highlight of our trip. We started the day in Tulum and the tour concluded with a visit to a local cenote. What impressed us most with Pablo was his respect for both the Mayan community and his extensive knowledge in both the Mayan Ruins and the Mayan people and villages that we visited. Throughout the tour and with each site, Pablo was warmly greeted with smiles and appreciation. We truly felt as though Pablo was instrumental in creating a mutual connection between our family and the locals we met. Thank you Pablo for teaching our family not only Mayan archeology, but for helping us to better understand and honor the people, the community, culture and the environmental ecosystems within the Tulum-Coba Region. Five-STAR rating for Pablo and Pixan Travel.

Coba and Mayan village tour

By Schaf-MT - TripAdvisor

Diego provided a really enjoyable and unique private tour on my recent stay in Cancún. We were able to miss the crowds at Coba, then went to a Cenote then a wildlife reserve in Mayan villages, which we had to ourselves. I can’t think of a better way of discovering and connecting with a new part of the world. Great trip.

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