Mayan Support

One of the words that would best describe Mexico would be, "Diversity", from our gastronomy, natural environments and especially cultural diversity, Mexico has more than 68 different indigenous groups with unique languages.

In the Yucatan Peninsula, we have one of the most important indigenous group in Mexico, the Mayans, and since the beginning of Pixan Travel, the main goal was to connect the mayan communities with the travelers, sharing their traditions, culture, gastronomy and by visiting these places we make sure to directly support the local economy.

Cenote Jumping

- Preparing the delicious "Sikil P'aak" using their corn and squash harvest from the Mayan Community -


By taking a tour with Pixan Travel, we take care of giving work and support to the communities we visit, such as the "Nohoch Keej" project, Tres Reyes and Pacchen Communities. In our tour of Coba you can visit these places, the community of Tres Reyes is a beautiful place where the Mayans continue to live in the jungle, without electricity or running water, we have a great relationship with them and the purpose is to activate the community by bringing travelers to this area, supporting elderly shamans in which they provide us with an authentic ceremony in the Mayan language, swimming in the beautiful cenote of Chimuch in the middle jungle where travelers enjoy swiming in a crystal water Cenote.

Baby Deer

- A newborn deer thanks to the "Nohoch Keej" project, in the future it will be released in the protected area of ​​Nuevo Durango. White-tailed deer are in danger of extinction in Yucatan -

We decided to support the "Nohoch Keej" project "The big deer", an animal sanctuary in danger of extinction, led by Manuel Trinidad, he and his family have rescued and cared for 4 different species of animals, with the purpose to rescue them from ilegal used. The family breed and release them in protected areas by the government. One of the ways in which Pixan Travel supports this project is by taking travelers to this community where Manuel's family cooks a delicious Yucatecan meal and with these expenses Manuel and his family can carry out this beautiful project. 

If you want to know more and support this type of actions, contact tours@pixantravel.com , all our tours are focused on supporting the indigenous communities and sharing this with our travelers.

Nohcoh Keej
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